Our Community

At Karako Suits, we have always strived to go above and beyond. The Karako Family always wanted to do more than just sell clothing to the community. Since opening our first store in 1982, we have reached out to the communities around our locations are tried to give back in any way we were capable of. From clothing drives on the Lowest East Side in the early 80’s, to recent charity events targeting bullying and poverty, Karako has always been there for their local communities.


We take these issues very seriously, and for that reason we have opened up a community outreach department in our headquarters that organizes and participates in local charities and functions in an effort to give back. If you are part of any charity or organization in need, or are organizing a community function, please feel free to contact our community outreach department and tell us about your cause. Obviously we would love to help everyone who asks but unfortunately, we only have time to participate in some of the events we are asked about. As always we will do our best to help our community members, in any way we can. Please email info@karakosuits.com to tell us about your function, event or charity. We would love to hear from you.


Please see some pictures below of various events we have participated in throughout the years.