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It’s In the Details: How to Use a Pocket Square to Stun

on August 24 | in Dress Code | by | with Comments Off on It’s In the Details: How to Use a Pocket Square to Stun

At Karako Suits, we often like to talk about how the details can really make the outfit, and one of the most underutilized pieces in modern menswear is the pocket square. Once a staple of every suit, the pocket square fell out of fashion over time, but is now enjoying a resurgence as people remember its ability to elevate most suits to the next level of style and professionalism.  It can add a great flourish to any suit—as long as you coordinate it correctly. Here are some tips to help you stay smartly dressed:

  1. Don’t Have a Pocket Square Be the Same Color As Your Suit

A pocket square is designed to pop out and add a splash of color, so the number one thing to make sure of is that it isn’t a hue close to your suit’s color, otherwise the effect is ruined. In fact, when choosing a pocket square, rarely should you consider the suit at all. The best way to pick a square is to find one that’s in opposition of one of your dress shirts, and it should likely be one of the “brightest” colors in your outfit.

  1. The Color Wheel is Your Friend

Using the color wheel to find appealing suit combinations is integral when you add these pieces together. Have a blue vest and a purple tie? Then a yellow pocket square is likely to pop the best while complementing what you already have on. Use “split complements” to help determine the best color pairings for your outfit.

  1. Don’t Buy A Pocket Square Based on a Store Display

Pocket squares only stick out from your suit a little bit, and often people make the mistake of buying a square based on how it looks fully unfolded and on display. A pattern might look great when fully spread out on the table, but doesn’t pop once the majority is stuffed in your pocket. Don’t solely go by how it looks on display in the store, or you might wind up with a pocket square that doesn’t really fit your suit. Always try before you buy.

  1. If You Need a Simple Start, Get a Yellow Or White Pocket Square

These pocket squares will pop from nearly any outfit (as long as you’re not wearing a white suit) and are a good way to dip your toe into wearing them. Considering the majority of you will have a blue shirt in your collection (if not, you need to read some of our other blogs) both of these colors complement that well, and can be you well on your way to an unbelievably slick look.

If you’re thinking about spicing up your wardrobe with a pocket square, take a look at our selection at Karako Suits, and start standing out from the rest of your work crowd.

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